Available Boat Plans Disappointed Me

When I decided that I wanted to build my own fishing boat, I looked through a bunch of magazines at the nearby home improvement store. Although they don’t really cater to this interest, they do sell the wood I needed, so I figured that was my first place to look.


Man, was I disappointed.


The plans they had (which weren’t many) required a level of expertise that I didn’t have.


I suppose I was excited about it when I watched some old re-runs of NCIS and saw Gibbs building that boat in his basement.


I thought, I bet with the right plans I could do that!

boat designs
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Of course, that was the rub… finding the right plans. I wasn’t looking to build a house boat or a cruiser, just a nice fishing boat for me and my son to go out on the weekends…


After talking to my son, who is 17 years old, about my thoughts, he suggested that we look online. Well, there were loads of ads for free boat plans, that weren’t really free. Just a come on with a sketch that didn’t give enough directions to even start the project.


We finally found a couple of sites with downloadable wood projects, all kinds of projects, but specifically we found boat plans! After reading the reviews of My Boat Plans and Plans 4 Boats, the two most popular ones, we decided to go with My Boat Plans.


They both had great designs, but for what we wanted, it seemed like Martin Reid had the best stuff for us. We jumped in with both feet, picked up the wood and tools we needed and started the project in our garage. Didn’t figure I wanted to try to get a completed boat out of my basement, though I’m not sure how Gibbs did that.


It did take a while for us to get it finished, but when we took it out on the water it was well worth all the work! We were able to add the right seats for us, and a nice storage compartment for our gear.


So, if you’re thinking about building a boat like I was – let me suggest you enlist a little help (my son was an excellent second pair of hands) and take the plunge! (Pun intended.)


For a look at the ones we bought, click here.


For the second most popular set on the web click here.


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